What is AMCK?

Traditional Martial Arts

We teach traditional karate, based primarily in the Shotokan style of Gichin Funakoshi, with additional elements incorporated from other styles as well as contemporary training and combative methods. We follow the tradition of the old masters by seeking to constantly adapt and improve our karate, rather than being locked into more modern dogmatic training seen elsewhere in the martial arts world.

Practical Karate

Our syllabus is a holistic and well-rounded curriculum including striking, throwing, locks and holds, as well as soft skill including de-escalation methods, escape and evasion, and the theoretical and legal underpinning of self-defence. Our syllabus has been reviewed and accredited through the British Combat Karate Association by Iain Abernethy, 7th Dan.

Fit to Fight

Our approach includes a strong element of strength and conditioning, both to prepare members physically should they ever suffer the misfortune of being in a physical confrontation, but also meet both conditions of “Life Preserving and Life-Enhancing” as put forth by Iain Abernethy. Being strong and fit is the most productive thing a person can do to enhance their life as they age and stave off lifestyle illness, and for us, it’s a vital facet of our martial arts practice.

Eager to start? Take a sneak peek at our syllabus here!

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